VT cosy party

Yesterday afternoon VT's dances headed into the winter season with a new snowy build from Miss Eve. Mistress and I went along to enjoy Miss Eve's set, all wrapped up warm and cosy.

Of course, I let my camera wander around the ice and in doing so I grabbed photos of those around us. You can find them all in an album over on imgur.


VT dazzling in black party

Yesterday afternoon VT finished off their black-themed dances with Purple DJing a theme of "Dazzling in Black". Thankfully Mistress had relented on the "you're not allowed to wear black" rule that was in force at VT's dance last Friday (and also Raven Park's dance on Saturday!), so I did my best to dig out an outfit that was both black and dazzling. Mistress approved of it. She also managed to look seriously dazzling too.

As normally happens, I let my camera wander the room and I grabbed photos of those around us. You can find them all over in an album on imgur.


VT black dance

VT's new week of dances kicked off yesterday afternoon with Miss Eve DJing to a theme that's very me. VERY ME! It was nice and simple: wear something black. You can imagine how excited I was about this idea. Only, Mistress had other ideas. Before I really knew what the theme was she had me try on an outfit that she handed to me and, as soon as I was wearing it, she denied me the ability to change clothing or attachments. The result.... well, it wasn't black.

My camera did wander and enviously check out everyone else dressed in black. You can see all of those photos over on imgur.


VT superheros and villains dance

Yesterday afternoon's dance at VT, with Purple as the DJ, was themed around superheros and villains. Somehow Mistress and I managed to end up doing "normal us in an outfit" costumes, with Mistress going as Mrs Incredible (so her with a mask and some latex -- well, with an added mask anyway; also: insert all the jokes about being flexible here) and me going as Jessica Jones (so me with blue jeans instead of black!).

As well as ogling Mistress' shiny parts, I also let my camera roam and catch those around us. You can find those photos over on imgur.