VT candy kisses dance

VT's new week of dances kicked off yesterday with Miss Eve DJing a "candy kisses" theme. The build itself is sweet-overload so Mistress and I tried our best to dress for the theme. I even went with a bit of pink overload!

As Mistress and I danced (mostly in a cloud of doughnuts thanks to her forcing the Z&A Sub-Trail on me and adding a custom texture to it) I took photos of those around us. You can find all of those images over on Google Photos.


VT solstice dance

Yesterday afternoon, with Purple as the DJ, VT celebrated the summer/winter solstice (depending on your hemisphere). The theme was to dress in something vaguely hippy/pagan/etc. Mistress and I went for the hippy look (well, I went for it as far as you can while still looking cool in black) and had a fun couple of hours.

I also grabbed a collection of photos of others at the dance, you can find all of those images over on Google Photos.


VT fire dance

Yesterday afternoon a new build appeared at VT. This time, with a view to it being close to the summer solstice (if you're in the northern hemisphere, obviously), it's a henge in a field. The theme for the first dance of the week of dances in it was "Fire", the idea being to come dance around the fire while wearing something "tribal" or "pagan", etc. I think Mistress and I managed to do that in our own way...

As we danced I made a point of getting photos of those dancing around us. You can see all the images over on Google Photos.