Dark Wishes Halloween dance

Yesterday was the Dark Wishes Halloween dance. Sadly the dance started a little too early for us to both be able to make it for the start, RL having other plans, but we made it for the second hour (and a bit). Mistress went with a seriously cute witch's outfit and I was ordered into a hastily-created black cat outfit (which, I have to say, I was rather chuffed with -- Mistress having found and sent me some of the key parts).

As normally happens when we go to a dance, I let my camera roam and take photos of those around us. You can find the photos in an album over on imgur.


VT Oktoberfest dance

Yesterday afternoon VT's dances went all Oktoberfest-based. Handily Mistress and I had just the outfits for this!

As usual I grabbed photos of those around us. You can find them all over in an album on imgur.


VT secrets dance

The new week of VT dances kicked off yesterday with Miss Eve DJing a dance set in a garden, with a theme of secrets -- the emphasis being on dressing "sinful". I excitedly picked out what I thought would be the perfect outfit for myself, with Mistress' approval, and was very much looking forward to wearing.

Mistress had other plans, however. About an hour before the dance she handed me a new outfit and informed me that it's what I'd be wearing. While I couldn't refuse anyway, it was made even harder by the fact that, given how she was dressed, she looked... well, pretty amazing.

While I have to admit that I did spend a lot of time checking out the specular map on Mistress' dress, I did also let me camera wander the garden and snap photos of others dancing around is. You can find an album of those photos over on imgur.


VT bargains dance

Yesterday afternoon saw Purple DJing at VT, with a dance theme of bargains. The idea was to wear something that you thought was a great bargain. I elected to go with something I'd picked up at C88 a couple of days before (which Mistress very much approved of) and Mistress went with a dress that was very her and which cost.... I think it was something like L$1.

Of course, not all of my photos are just of Mistress and me. I let my camera wander and captured those around us too. You can find those photos over in an album on imgur.